Noisia hype keeps building

Noisia have picked up yet more great reviews in this month’s issues of DJ mag, Q and Narc. “Insanely engineered, terrifyingly futuristic digitial filth,” rave DJ mag.


Wounds exposure by Rock Sound

Wounds picked up an exposure feature in this month’s Rock Sound, alongside a great 8/10 review for debut EP “Dead Dead Fucking Dead”. “If any big bands want to get blown off the stage, give us a shout”, taunts singer Aidan Coogan.


Subsource in Rock Sound

Subsource picked up another great album review in this months issue of Rock Sound, scoring an 8/10 to “fill the hole in your soul left by innerpartysystem’s current sabbatical.”


Rock Sound love Red Sparowes

Red Sparowes featured big in this months Rock Sound, with a record review, interview, Decks of Death and a free track on the giveaway CD. Check it out!


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