Enter Shikari hit the road

Enter Shikari are ready to set out on yet another UK tour, check out the great previews in this week’s NME and Kerrang! We’re excited!


Beatsteaks impress Front

Beatsteaks picked up another great review in this months Front magazine , scoring an excellent 4 stars for the recently released Limbo Messiah!


Harvey Milk

After making their auspicious but notoriously underexposed debut with 1994’s ‘My Love Is Higher Than Your Assessment Of What My Love Could Be’, Athens (GA) dirge lords Harvey Milk recorded two more full-lengths (1995’s Courtesy And Good Will Towards Men and 1997’s The Pleaser) before going tits up in 1998 in a fit of nuptials and child-rearing.

Reintroduced to the underground at large through reissues and live DVDs Harvey Milk celebrated their own renaissance with the release of Live…The Best Game In Town’ on Hydra Head Records. Spearheaded by the alternately burly and angelic vocal stylings of Milk mastermind Creston Spiers, ‘The Best Game In Town’ is both tumultuous and gruelling, resonating with the glorious slow-motion radiance of Total Dirge Power. In layman’s terms: Yet another classic.

In 2010 the band returned with “A Small Turn of Human Kindness”, an album laden with brooding doom riffs. With great reviews across the board, all the signs are suggesting Harvey Milk have struck gold once again.

The Stone Roses

Another huge act to join Divsion for online press, The Stone Roses became part of the family for the re-issue of their seminal debut album, which was released 20 years ago, in 1989. Following in the footsteps of previous major artists on our roster, we saw huge coverage on sites from ISPs, mainstream sites, indie sites, blogs and everything in between.The album catapulted the Manchester band to major heights and that particular record has been named by many as the greatest debut of all time and one of the most influential records in British music history. With a pedigree like that, it was an opportunity not to be missed and we were only too glad to become part of the team.

Working with world-renowned producer John Leckie was just one of the highlights of the campaign which brought a lot of joy to a lot of journalists, and ourselves, especially with the amazing packaging of the re-issues. Long may it continue!

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