Division would like to welcome INNERPARTYSYSTEM to the family.

InnerPartySystem are four guys who were reared in the bleak small towns that surround Reading, Pennsylvania. The weathered houses, rusted factories and sprawling farms make this the landscape of true America. These environments are stark and mechanical, and they are pregnant with dark and anxious hope – sentiments that Patrick Nissley, Innerpartysystem’s main songwriter, carries in his writing. Innerpartysystem have a distinctive vision, as their songs incorporate throbbing electronic beats that nod towards Autechre, Chemical Brothers and Squarepusher but also the melodic and aggressive energy that’s not far from that you’d find in Nine Inch Nails, Ministry or even The Killers.

However, don’t be mislead, despite Innerpartysystems’s darker leanings their vision is coiled in music to which you can dance. Not the mindless dance music that one might find saturating the dance clubs today, but rather a sort that is predicated on a release of sharp energy with the most expressive means possible – your own movements on the dance floor. This is what makes Innerpartysystem special. There is a depth to the dance beat. There is a lingering emotion in the lyrics. There is an undeniable energy that will make you move.

Just as any great artist can reveal their minds eye to the listener in a three minute song, Innerpartysystem somehow finds a way to do more – they take your hand, place something important inside it, walk you through the seedy and desolate alleys of their home-town and then they hold the door for you as you gape the dark and familiar. But don’t be afraid, it’s just entertainment.