Gay For Johnny Depp

Gay For Johnny Depp are: Marty Leopard (vocals), Sid Jagger (guitar) Fabrizio Coxboi (bass) and JJ Samanen (drums). They are an utterly tasteless and nasty chaotic noise whose love for sheer musical bedlam is almost as strong as their love for Mr Depp.

They are poised to release their debut full-length album ‘The Politics Of Cruelty’ for Captains Of Industry Records, following acclaimed EP’s for both Captains and Firefly Records. Get yourself lubed up and read what the press have had to say about them so far below.

‘Bloody and brutal brilliance’ – NME

‘Utterly deranged homoerotic hardcore histrionics’ – Rock Sound

‘Its bluster, blame and belief rolled up into one spazz-out, fuck-you, fuck-everything, fun-fuck package of bile and strangely compelling head-mashing insanity. And by Christ does The Fly ever love it.’ – The Fly

‘Absolutely fabulous’ – Kerrang

‘Brash, crude noise with an edge that is so raw, you may well have to wear gloves when opening the CD case… Ridiculously contagious’ –Spill

‘This is actually a deeply funny and exciting record. Violently horny gay noise core with Johnny Depp preoccupations may yet become a whole sub-genre of it own’ – Rock-a-Rolla

‘Absolute insanity’ – ( Last Hours ‘Converge battling The Blood Brothers in a bid for high pitched screeching supremacy’ – Big Cheese