Langhorne Slim

Langhorne Slim was born as Sean Scolnick on August 20, 1980. Hailing from Langhorne in Pennsylvania he later moved to New York in search of Blondes and Open Mikes in the Big bad Apple!

And well he did do, having recently sined to New Yorks finest Kemado Records, Langhorne Slim is due to release his self-titled album on April 28th 2008. This will be Langhorne’s first full length release following 2005’s critically acclaimed ‘When The Sun’s Gone Down‘ (Narnack Records), which Harp Magazine proclaimed, “A mad strummer from the heartland, a yelping choirboy looking for love and sexual healing…” A national tour will be announced shortly.

The eponymous release features 13 new tracks, which were recorded at the Great North Sound Society in Maine. The album was produced by Langhorne’s drummer Malachi DeLorenzo and Josh Ritter’s keyboardist/producer Sam Kassirer, who also contributed piano, organ and accordion. On the recording of the album Langhorne states, “This experience in Maine with Sam, Malachi and Paul led us to our most comfortable, cohesive and soul-shaking music to date.” The song “Sometimes” was produced and mixed by Brian Deck (Iron and Wine) at Engine Studios in Chicago. Additional players on the album include Paul Defiglia (upright bass), Dan Nosheny (tuba, trombone), Brian Deck (keyboards, assorted effects) and Jim Becker (violin).

Langhorne Slim began his musical career in Brooklyn. He signed with Narnack records releasing his first EP, Electric Love Letter in March of 2004. The more varied and band-oriented full-length, When The Sun’s Gone Down followed in the spring of 2005. In 2006, Langhorne Slim signed with V2 Records and in September of that year released the Engine EP. Recently, Langhorne completed tours with The Avett Brothers, Lucero, Murder By Death and Rocky Votolato.