The Mirimar Disaster

To create a balance of imposing riffs with majestic beauty is something many bands aim to create, but only a small majority actually manage to succeed in accomplishing. The Mirimar Disaster triumphantly belong in the latter category.

Residing in the Sheffield – the Steel City of the North – The Mirimar Disaster are rapidly becoming one of the UK’s most intense live propositions.

Signing to Undergroove Records, 2007 marked the arrival of the band’s debut self-titled album intending to show people just how sonically challenging music can actually be.

Clocking in at over an hour ‘The Mirimar Disaster’ insists on captivating the listener with a steady mix of hungry riffs, urgent vocals and a thunderous rhythm section.

The Mirimar Disaster consist of…

Dean Rowbotham – guitars

Frank Forman – guitars/ vocals

Nicky Grayson – bass

Iain Scott – drums/ vocals

Ian Stockdale – vocals