The Stupids

THE STUPIDS are back! The band that were the pioneers for a whole UK scene have reformed, and produced not only their first new album in 21 years, but arguably their most complete album ever. This isn’t a tired old rehash living on former glories – THE STUPIDS are back, and are stronger than ever!

2009’s limited edition “Feel the Suck” single sold out its first pressing via mailorder only in 3 weeks and received brilliant reviews in the press all round. Album “THE KIDS DON’T LIKE IT” took almost a year to make, and features 16 new tracks that stand proud alongside their illustrious back catalogue.

Archetypically STUPIDS, but the STUPIDS for the 21st century sounding fresh and bang up to date – it’s like the last 2 decades never happened. As one reviewer commented – “this is a first – a band that comes back, but comes back a stronger band than before”