The Sword

THE SWORD has a double office to perform: to destroy anything that opposes the will of its user and to sacrifice all the impulses that arise from the instinct of self-preservation.

THE SWORD’s live shows quickly became the hottest ticket in Austin, and in no less than a year after their formation, THE SWORD became known as “Austin’s most dangerous band”. Soon, an increased number of regional live dates had gained the band an army of followers.  That, combined with a devastating performance at SXSW 2004, led to the band sharing the stage with respected noise heroes like JUCIFER, DON CABELLERO and MASTODON.

Following their much talked about performances the band found a home in diverse NYC label Kemado Records and the band’s debut full-length followed. 2006’s “Age of Winters” is a mind-blowing, nine-song journey inside the mysterious, yet concrete world THE SWORD call their own.  Now the band are ready to unleash their debut full-length album ‘God’s Of The Earth‘ on March 17th and will tour the UK throughout March and April. Division are very proud to be bringing you the heaviest riff-mongers currently stalking the earth. The Sword are gonna hack you down.

The Sword are:

J.D. Cronise – vocals & lead guitar
Kyle Shutt – rhythm guitar
Bryan Richie – bass
Trivett Wingo – drums

Press Quotes:

‘I wana be a teenage boy with acne in an Iron Maiden T-Shirt with my hands bloody from constant axe-riffs and RSI from masturbation and that’s how this makes me feel and that’s good.’ – ( Plan B )

‘Do they kick ass? Not half.’ – ( Terrorizer )

‘The Sword may be your next big thing’ – ( Powerplay)