Sean Grant & The Wolfgang announce Fierce Panda EP

Sean Grant & The Wolfgang have signed to Fierce Panda Records with new EP ‘7 Deadly 7’ ready for release on May 6th.

Sean’s frank realism depicts man’s search for meaning across four new tracks in a far more personal way than he’s ever before, drawing on the struggle of everyday life in a modern setting. These four narratives delve into creation, love, temptation, desire, frustration and desperation based on decisions and choices within the environment around us.

This new EP also hosts three other new tracks with Best of Men, Take a Man’s Body and title track 7 Deadly 7, all produced and mixed by Guy Massey (Spiritualised, Manic Street Preachers, Depeche Mode and more). Listen to Brother premiered on Clash.

Sean Grant & The Wolfgang are: Sean Grant (vocals / guitar) and his wolves Steve Fiske (guitar / vocals), Phil Andreas (keyboards) and Matt Banham (drums).