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“Yet another bar-raising BossToneS release." @ViveLeRock1 "Still plenty of life and love left." @KerrangMagazinehttps://t.co/H5pzJ6B3AH- 2 days ago
RT @NME: .@descendents are returning with a new album https://t.co/SJVVXOVIOD- 4 days ago
RT @LouderPosts: Punk legends Descendents announce new album 9th & Walnut - and it's been decades in the making https://t.co/ZIntYie550- 4 days ago
RT @descendents: Our new album '9th and Walnut' will be released on July 23rd! Preorder, presave, and get yer merch here: https://t.co/RL7P…- 5 days ago
.@descendents return with new album 9th & Walnut featuring original line-up. 18-tracks from 1977-1980 re-recorded a… https://t.co/Xd9mLpc2Sq- 5 days ago
RT @umitohanasuhito: The accolades and distinctions, as honored as I am to be featured alongside some of my longtime inspirations, is somet…- 1 week ago
RT @irishcharts: Welcome to the Official Irish Albums Chart, Alex Henry Foster (@umitohanasuhito)! Standing Under Bright Lights makes a Top…- 1 week ago
RT @usthemgroup: WARISH (feat. Riley Hawk) share trainwreck late night TV appearance "Destroyer" video via @metalinjection Sophomore albu…- 1 week ago
“As you plough through the pumping arteries of this album, what strikes you, is how unforgiving it is, but also how… https://t.co/z8XCtzB5oJ- 1 week ago