Division hits The Great Escape


This years Great Escape festival in Brighton is going to be pretty massive, so accordingly, Division PR bands will be out in force. Here’s a schedule of our bands playing. There’s a couple of secret shows too, so hit us up for details!

Thursday – 14th May

Cut Ribbons – PATTERNS – UPSTAIRS @ 3:30pm – 4:00pm

The Away Days – MESMERIST @ 5pm – 5.30pm

Friday – 15th May

Cut Ribbons – THE HOPE AND RUIN @ 2:30pm – 3:00pm

Kagoule – FIDDLERS OUTDOOR STAGE @ 7pm – 7.30pm

Kevin Devine – UNITARIAN CHURCH @ 8:15pm – 8:45pm

Joyce Manor – THE HUB @ 8:30pm – 9:00pm

Demob Happy – BRIGHTON’S FINEST STAGE @ LATEST MUSIC BAR @ 9.00pm – 10.30pm *Alternative Escape – free entry*

Saturday – 16th May

Demob Happy – REPUBLIC OF MUSIC STAGE @ BOUTIQUE BRIGHTON @ 2pm – 2.30pm *Alternative Escape – free entry*

Animal House – BLEACH @ 2.55pm – 3.15pm *Alternative Escape – free entry*

Fist City – THE BASEMENT @ 3 – 3.30pm

Demob Happy – JACK DANIELS STAGE @ PATTERNS – 7.30pm – 8pm

Fist City – THE HUB @ 7:30pm – 8:00pm

Kagoule – PAGANINI BALLROOM, THE OLD SHIP HOTEL @ 10:30pm -11:00pm

Demob Happy – VICE @ THE JOKER @ 11pm *Alternative Escape – free entry*

Chastity Belt unveil new video with the Guardian

As Seattle indie-punks Chastity Belt release their new album Time To Go Home in the UK, they’ve unveiled a new video, along with their hilarious Guide to Touring on the Guardian. They’ve also announced their first ever UK tour for this October.

Chastity Belt 3 - cred Angel Ceballos - crop 600

The Parrots announce ‘Weed for the Parrots’ EP


Madrid garage trio The Parrots have announced that their debut UK EP ‘Weed For The Parrots’ will be released via Luv Luv Luv Records on Monday June 22nd.

Diego García, Alex de Lucas and Larry Balboa may only have a change of cheap moncler clothes and pockets full of tobacco, but they also have a quest to rock your town with smiles on their faces, and this debut EP should be a perfect introduction into what fun The Parrots will be bringing to your life in the near future.

“The EP is about traveling to play our next show with empty pockets and a will to play our music. Each night that we arrive to a new city we ask everyone in the audience to donate a little weed to get us by. The songs were written at a time when alcohol and weed were present every day,” says the band “As a result, life was confusing and kind of out of control, followed by terrible hangovers surrounded by dirt, drinking sangria and eating Chinese noodles. Things are still getting crazier every day but now we deal with this stuff way better and have lots of fun.”

The six track EP kicks off with the short, fear-ridden, subway meltdown of ‘Terror’, followed by the melodic auto-destructive relationship-buster, ‘White Fang’, and the life embracing, barfly drunk anthem, ‘To The People Who Showed Me Their Love While I Was Here’. Their ode to The Almighty Defenders in their cover of ‘All My Loving’ then sees the band in pure party drive before ‘I’m Not Alone’ tackles a hefty dose of depression, leaving the hungover crackle of ‘Wild’ to end the EP, that would not sound out of place around an open fire accompanied by a bottle of bourbon. It’s a 15 minute trip fuelled by fuzzed-out reverbed guitars and garage beats, driven by analogue bass tones and a love for classic nuggets.

‘Weed for the Parrots’ will be available via Luv luv Luv Records on limited edition 10” vinyl and digital download on June 22nd. Pre-order yours now from here.

The Parrots will be back in the UK this May to play the following shows:

24th May – Manchester @Fuel Cafe
25th May – Leeds @Gold Sounds
26th May – Brighton @ Green Door Store
27th May – London @93 Feet East

As premiered on NME.

Sleaford Mods announce new album ‘Key Markets’ for July 10th


Sleaford Mods announce new album ‘Key Markets’ for release on July 10th via Harbinger Sound. Stream new track ‘No Ones Bothered‘.

“Key Markets was a large supermarket bang in the centre of Grantham from the early 1970’s up until around 1980,” explains Jason Williamson. “My mum would take me there and I’d always have a large coke in a plastic orange cup surrounded by varnished wood trimmings and big lamp shades with flowers on them. Beige bricks with bright yellow points of sale and large black foam letters surrounded you and this is why we called the album ‘Key Markets’. It’s the continuation of the day to day and how we see it, the un-incredible landscape.”

“The album was recorded in various periods between summer 2014 through to October of that year. We worked fast as we normally do, the method was the same as the other albums and like the other two, the sound has naturally moved itself along. ‘Key Markets’ is in places quite abstract but it still deals heavily with the disorientation of modern existence. It still touches on character assassination, the delusion of grandeur and the pointlessness of government politics. It’s a classic. Fuck em.”

The duo have released a stream of a new track from the album today called ‘No One’s Bothered’, “partly a comment on the ongoing car crash that is human behaviour under Capitalism, a fading sense of any connection or unified relationship with each other. Alienation is almost accepted,” says Williamson. “Musically it reminds me of those early Meteors records, the more stripped version of Psychobilly that was happening around 81/82.”