Introducing Collapsing Scenery


Starting out as a think-tank music and art project by the meeting of two fertile and febrile minds, Collapsing Scenery began their mission in LA warehouses and basements spreading their dark and noisy, psychedelic electro to those in the know.

Made up of NYC guitarist Don De Vore (Ink & Dagger, The Icarus Line) and LA singer Reggie Debris, Collapsing Scenery bonded whilst watching predator missiles rain on Middle Eastern heads. As TV stations poured out obscene coverage, the duo assembled a stash of analog electronics: samplers, step sequencers, synths and drum machines, all supplemented by effects pedals. Following the addition of Chris Colley (who previously held sticks with The Strokes’ Albert Hammond and School Of Seven Bells), the trio started looking further afield, built their own sound-system to recreate and expand on their studio work in a live environment and hit the road.

In a genre often lacking in lyrical bite, theirs is electro music with meaning and purpose. It flexes the head as well as the heart. The EP leads with the taut post-punk electro single Metaphysical Cops, a techno inspired opus whose title takes inspiration from Russian-American novelist Vladimir Nabokov, specifically this quote from ‘Pnin’: “Metaphysical police can break physical bones.” The body of the lyrics were inspired by the great Harpers piece ’Straight Man’s Burden’ by Jeff Sharlet, and they muse on the culpability of segments of the U.S. religious right in the implementation of Uganda’s horrific anti-gay laws. It considers the very real consequences of invidious and extremist American ideologies which, struggling to find a foot-hold at home, are transplanted into new territories.

“It’s a comparative examination of two modes of so-called spiritual communion, one based in love and truth, and the other in fear and violence,” explains Debris. “We recorded the track in complete darkness wearing military issue night vision goggles on a ranch in rural Texas.”

Their debut UK EP, God’s Least Favorite is scheduled for release on Metropolitan Indian Records on September 23rd as mentioned in Music week’s recommended playlist this week. Look out for UK tour dates soon and pre-order the vinyl from here.

Stream Metaphysical Cops:



On September 30th 2016 the legendary punk/thrash icons SUICIDAL TENDENCIES will release the follow up to their latest effort ‘13’. The new record entitled WORLD GONE MAD will be the band’s first studio album featuring the legendary drummer Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Phantomas, GripInc, Dead Cross) and the new members Ra Diaz on Bass and Jeff Pogan on guitar.

Dave Lombardo first joined the band on the last US tour (that saw Suicidal Tendencies as main support for Megadeth), is now officially a member of the band and driving force behind the new release.

WORLD GONE MAD is 11 songs that are Cyco and brutal with a true honesty that Suicidal Cycos expect. Never afraid to push the boundaries, this album also features those unique elements that Suicidal has always put in their studio releases throughout their almost 35 years career.

Produced by Mike Muir with help of legendary producer Paul Northfield (Rush, Dream Theater, Queensrÿche, Ozzy Osbourne, Hole, Marilyn Manson) who also engineered and mixed the record. Additional engineering came from new guitar player Jeff Pogan.

On first album recorded with Dave Lombardo, Mike Muir states:

“It’s interesting, because a lot of people, obviously, associate Dave with the Slayer sound. When you hear how he literally attacks the various STyles on this album, you’re instantly blown away at not only how insane of a drummer he is, but also how tremendously diverse a drummer he is. Dave is a true legend, but I believe even a lot of his most hard core fans will be blown away at what he’s brought to this record.”

“I think it’s very typical and very traditional Suicidal Tendencies. It’s that unforgettable style.
It’s Mike Muir. He is a legend and has a very special style in which he writes his music, his lyrics and his structures. And I love it; I love it. It takes me back to how it all started, which was that punk attitude,” adds Lombardo.

The band headline the Persistence Tour in January 2017 and play the Kentish Town Forum Jan 29th

Team Rock give ten reasons why Rebellion Festival’s 20th anniversary was unmissable


Marking its 20th anniversary, and 40 years since the initial punk explosion in 1976, this past weekend saw Rebellion Festival celebrate its first totally sold-out year at full capacity, welcoming approximately 10,000 people into four days and seven stages-full of the very best in punk rock.

A total 357 performances comprised of bands, acoustic sets, poets and speakers added up to a deafening sum of 52hours 55mins of music across the festival. Head over to to read their highlights.

A limited number of 500 tickets for next years’ event were on sale at the box office this past weekend and all have been sold. Now early bird tickets for Rebellion 2017 are available to pre-order online here for £145, with a pay-monthly offer also launching on September 1st, enabling fans to purchase their weekend ticket over instalments of £15 per month for a deposit of £18.

Rebellion Festival will return to Blackpool Winter Gardens on August 3rd – 6th 2017. The first names announced for the 2017 line-up include: Sham 69, Zero Boys, Dirtbox Disco, The Creepshow, Sheer Terror, Last Resort, Fire Exit, Bollweevils, External Menace, Splodgenessabounds, Guitar Gangsters, Spunk Volcano & The Eruptions, Sidekick, Anger Flares and Anti Social (USA).

Find more information online at:

Twitter: @rebellionfest

JEFF The Brotherhood share ‘Roachin’ (ft. Alicia from Bully)


Nashville’s JEFF The Brotherhood have shared ‘Roachin’ (ft. Alicia Bognanno of Bully on guest vocals), a dynamic grunge outburst taken from their forthcoming Dine Alone Records album release, Zone due September 30th via Dine Alone Records. Stream it here on The Line Of Best Fit.

The band have also detailed a full European tour for October on the dates below, with a headline show at London’s Borderline on October 18.

European Tour Dates
15 Reykjavik, Iceland @ Hurra
18 London, ENG @ Borderline (TICKET LINK)
21 Paris, FRA @ L’Espace B
23 Geneva, SWI @ L’Ecurie
25 Munich, GER @ Orangehouse
26 Berlin, GER @ Badehaus
27 Cologne, GER @ Blue Shell

JEFF The Brotherhood will land in Europe for a full October tour on the dates below. Pre order Zone on iTunes here and Google Play here

Buzzcocks’ Steve Diggle speaks to Clash ahead of their set at Rebellion Festival


Rebellion Festival is nearly upon us for four solid days of punk rock mayhem in Blackpool’s Winter Gardens. Amongst the likes of Descendents, FLAG, The Damned, Jello Biafra with his Guantanamo School Of Medicine, and so many more legendary and pioneering artists, Buzzcocks will be headlining the Tower Street arena stage on Friday night.

Head to for much more infomation and tickets, and head to Clash to read Steve Diggle’s recent interview talking all things about punk, ‘Spiral Scratch’, the DIY revolution and more.


JEFF The Brotherhood announce new album ‘Zero’ on Dine Alone Records


Since their formation fifteen years ago whilst in high school in Nashville, Tennessee, JEFF The Brotherhood have been redefining the US underground. Consistently dishing out gem after gem of psychedelic rock and fuzzed-up, power-pop brilliance, these super-productive, auditory exploratory artists have been recording and releasing records with an overwhelming momentum, and today announce their eleventh studio album, Zone, due for release on September 30th via Dine Alone Records.

Stream the first cut, ‘Punishment’ here, and be led on a fantastical imagined journey to caves beneath the ocean “where the inhabitants will take your limbs and face and use them as their own to walk amongst us on land”.

Pre-order Zone on iTunes here and Google Play here

Track listing

1) Zone
2) Energy
3) Punishment
4) Juice
5) Roachin
6) Idiot
7) Ox
8) Bad
9) Habit
10) Toasted
11) You
12) Portugal