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Either a test-as-you-develop or a test-driven coding & development method can be used for automatic testing. As they are not linked to a specific view, controllers can be utilized for several views. In MVC 5, you used partial views as a means to reuse markup and code. ASP.NET Core introduces View Components—a more powerful and flexible alternative. A view component consists of a class typically inherited from ViewComponent base class and a view file containing the required markup. This programming model is quite similar to the one used by controllers and views.

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As you can see from the listing, you can use the model’s properties very easily in the .aspx page. Of course, specifying the model does not limit your ability to use the ViewData object in the regular way as a data dictionary. Being able to use the model is just an additional benefit. You can lessen your work considerably by specifying the Product class as the model for your view page. This way, you can directly access the properties of the specified model class, giving you also strong typing and IntelliSense support.


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Not All ASP.NET Platforms Are Equal (With 4 Examples).

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For example, the Web application under consideration requires the 6.0.0-rc1-final version of Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc assembly, and so on. Some other commonly used sections of Project.json are frameworks, commands, and sources. The final piece of the model puzzle is “How does the view page how to become a .net mvc developer know which Product object’s data to display? ” As you might guess, this is specified in the controller. When returning the view object, you can pass in an instance of the desired model object. Then, the view would use this particular instance when accessing the model’s properties.