Fightstar Tiscali exclusive

The video for Fightstar’s brand new single ‘Floods‘ is currently exclusively hosted by Tiscali this week. The ISP whose monthly unique users are at about 6.8m were stoked to get the first week online.


Korn exclusive on Myspace

kornsingle.jpgThis week US rock monsters Korn grab a video exclusive at Myspace with new single ‘Hold On‘ released February 4th.

The band are currently on a UK tour with zines all over the country reviewing the band.

Saviours in the Guardian

Saviours slay the broadsheets today with a good review for their debut album on Kemado Records. “Into Abaddon is a worthy half-hour of heaviness,” understates Jamie Thomson.savdiv11.jpg


Saviours album scores high


Oakland riff-masters Saviours received rave reviews in Kerrang (4 K), NME (8/10) and Time Out this week for their heavy-weight debut ‘Into Abaddon‘ on Kemado Records. Watch out for their tour with The Sword at the end of March!


The Metros Join Skins

metros.JPGLondon rapscallions The Metros are taking part in E4’s ‘Skins‘ premiere parties happening across the country to celebrate Series 2 of the hit-show.

Look out for their debut single on March 17th on 1965 Records


The Brian Jonestown Massacre Return

anton.JPGThis coming March 31st will see the release of a new album titled ‘My Bloody Underground‘ from the warped genius that is Anton Newcombe. The album opens with the song ‘Bring Me The Head Of Paul McCartney On Heather Mill’s Wooden Peg (Dropping Bombs On The White House)’. Say what you like about Anton and BJM, but they are never, ever boring.

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