Ane Brun and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra announce live album


Award winning song-writer Ane Brun is back with a new live album recorded with The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and conductor Hans Ek during a run of three sold out shows between 16–18 March.

LIVE AT BERWALDHALLEN features sixteen tracks drawn from work across the singer and songwriter’s fifteen years of studio recordings, and is released digitally today from by Brun’s own Balloon Ranger Recordings, and available on vinyl and CD on October 5th.

ZZ Top guitarist and vocalist Billy F Gibbons announces solo album




With his signature beard and African headgear, Billy F Gibbons is instantly recognisable. He’s best known as the centrepiece and one third of ZZ Top, the band that came together in 1969 and has stayed part of the American musical landscape ever since – the longest running major rock band still composed of its original members.

In 2015, Concord Records released Billy’s debut solo album, the Afro-Cuban flavoured ‘Perfectamundo’, which was followed by performances at the Havana Jazz Festival. Now, its follow-up comes in the shape of ‘The Big Bad Blues’, released September 21st via Snakefarm Records.

Co-produced by Billy and Joe Hardy, and put to tape at Foam Box Recordings in the former’s hometown of Houston, it is just as the title suggests – a lovingly crafted collection fuelled by Billys’ lifelong love of the blues and rock ‘n’ roll, showcasing the unique vocals and guitar licks that have together informed his numerous hits over the past five decades.

The record features 11 tracks balancing classic covers, like Muddy Waters’ ‘Rollin’ and Tumblin’’ and ‘Standing Around Crying’, with some of Billy’s signature new blues originals, all recorded by a stellar line-up of musicians including Hardy on bass, Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver/The Cult) and Nashville session great Greg Morrow on drums, and Austin stalwart Mike ‘The Drifter’ Flanigin on keyboards; blues harp (harmonica) duties are handled by James Harmon as well as Billy who, of course, is the album’s vocalist and guitar slinger nonpareil.


Jon Spencer - album artwork




Check out ‘Do The Trash Can’ – the album’s explosive opening track here:

JON SPENCER, THE BLUES EXPLOSION MAN who put the BELLBOTTOMS on BABY DRIVER! The Top Cat who spread the Secret Sauce in BOSS HOG! The Rockabilly Right-Hook from Heavyweight Outlaws HEAVY TRASH! The Swank-Fucking Master of PUSSY GALORE!

Jon Spencer is back! Often imitated, never duplicated, the original NYC underground-rock legend returns from the wilderness with twelve red-hot hits, each more powerful than the last!

This is Garage Punk for Now People! A wizard’s brew of rhythm & blues and subversive dance grooves, weaponized with sci-fi skronk and industrial attitude, calibrated for the Revolution, a ball-peen hammer of sound guaranteed to destroy any post-modern hangover!

Pulsing with energy, clanging with excitement, and dripping with radioactive soul and raw emotion, Jon Spencer opens up his heart like never before, exploring man’s modern condition with caustic guitars and outerworld crooning, asking and answering the musical question, “Is it possible to torch the cut-throat world of fake news and pre-fab, plastic-coated teen ennui with the cold hard facts of rock’n’roll?”


This is the truth serum the World has been craving, the beginning of a rock’n’roll special counsel that takes no prisoners and puts the squares on ice.

For the recording, Jon travelled to the wilds of Benton Harbor, MI, to work with Bill Skibbe at the fabled Key Club Recording Company (where he had previously recorded the 2012 Blues Explosion album ‘Meat and Bone’) and enlisted the help and talents of friends Sam Coomes (Quasi, Heatmeiser) and M. Sord (M. Sord) to help track the songs.

“Sam is someone with whom I have crossed paths many times over the years, explains Spencer. “I have always been a fan of his wild keyboard style and twisted tunesmith-ery. (In fact we kicked around the idea of a collaboration way back in the early aughts.) I got to know Sord from previous visits to and projects done at the Key Club (Andre Williams, JSBX, & Boss Hog), he was the handyman and assistant engineer that turned out to be a great drummer.”

They set to work in the fall of 2017 where the songs were roughed out and brought to life on the studio floor, before the session was cut short due to the sudden death of Jon’s father-in-law.

“I had to rush back East to be with family, he explains. “But we accomplished enough – got basics down for all songs. I went back to Michigan (solo) in January to overdub and mix. In general, throughout the project, I tried not to overthink anything and instead just kept pushing forward, trusting in my instincts. I figured that I had already spent months and years thinking about this record and these songs”

‘Spencer Sings The Hits!’ comes strutting and swaggering out of your speakers, opening track ‘Do The Trash Can’, revving into life with a stripped-down floor tom-snare groove, before Spencer detonates the song into life with a howl of distortion and noise. It’s perfect Jon Spencer rock n’ roll in every way and with a sly nod to the past, features the clanking metal percussion associated with former band Pussy Galore (* former Pussy Galore cohort Bob Bert will be banging metal on live dates!)

“Nothing like digging the gas tank from an old Chevy out of a Michigan junkyard snow bank in January,” laughs Spencer. “The junkyard owner kept asking me if the metal was for a school project, but as a bluegrass player he could understand the possible use for a recording session.”

Eleven prime slices of righteous rock n’roll follow. Smouldering and smoking and exploding out of the valves. Jon Spencer IS rock n’roll.

01 “Do The Trash Can”
02 “Fake”
03 “Overload”
04 “Time 2 Be Bad”
05 “Ghost”
06 “Beetle Boots”
07 “Hornet
08 “Wilderness”
09 “Love Handle”
10 “I Got the Hits”
11 “Alien Humidity”
12 “Cape”

Joyce Manor announce new album Million Dollars To Kill Me


On September 21st, Joyce Manor will release their fifth full-length effort, Million Dollars to Kill Me. The album follows 2016’s critically lauded release, Cody.

Today, Joyce Manor have shared a lyric video for the title track from Million Dollars to Kill Me. With its Britpop-esque hooks and driving guitar riffs, “Million Dollars to Kill Me” centers on Joyce Manor’s understated-yet-poignant lyrics (e.g., “Nobody tells you it hurts to be loved”).

Produced by Converge’s Kurt Ballou, Million Dollars to Kill Me came to life at Ballou’s own GodCity Studio in Salem, Massachusetts. During the recording process, Joyce Manor guitarist/vocalist Barry Johnson, guitarist Chase Knobbe, bassist Matt Ebert, and new drummer Pat Ware slept right upstairs in bunk beds. “Kinda felt like camp,” Johnson notes. Additionally, Million Dollars to Kill Me was mixed by Andrew Scheps (Weezer, AFI, Green Day).

While Cody focused on growing up, Million Dollars to Kill Me looks at what happens next: reckonings with love, money, doubt, confusion, and the hope that persists despite it all. Throughout the album, Joyce Manor augment that tension with their layered guitar work: Knobbe’s uncommon ability to make songs sound sadder and tougher at the same time, Johnson’s flair for mixing minor and major chords to invoke a precise kind of overpowering melancholy.

Co-founded by Johnson and Knobbe in L.A.’s South Bay, Joyce Manor released their self-titled first album in 2011. The band made their Epitaph Records debut with Never Hungover Again, a 2014 effort that Pitchfork hailed as “their most ambitious and diverse album, as weird as it is instantly enjoyable.”


1. Fighting Kangaroo
2. Think I’m Still In Love With You
3. Big Lie
4. I’m Not The One
5. Million Dollars To Kill Me
6. Silly Games
7. Friends We Met Online
8. Up the Punx
9. Gone Tomorrow
10. Wildflowers


NOTHING announce new album Dance on the Blacktop

12 Jacket (Gatefold - Two Pocket) [GD30OB2-N]

NOTHING return with their third installment, Dance On The Blacktop, scheduled for release on Relapse Records on August 24th.

NOTHING’s story pulls from all corners of life in its contents. Stories of self-loathing, self-destruction, and a general disdain for humanity and its, “insignificant” role in Domenic Palermo’s vision of the universe are met with his poised amusement and tranquil hysteria being one himself. All of this told through the eyes of a recently diagnosed Palermo suggesting he is dealing with the early stages of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), a neurodegenerative disease found in people with serious head injuries. And as they packed themselves in a coffin-sized NYC apartment for 23 days to demo songs it became clear that the ripple effect left upon his psyche from dealing with these newfound symptoms would leave its mark on the material.

NOTHING sought out celebrated producer John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr, Breeders, Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile) to help accentuate the band’s love for all sounds 90s, from rock to shoegaze to pop realms and on both sides of the pond. The next month was spent tracking at the historical Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, NY with newly appointed bassist Aaron Heard. As days moved by, Palermo spewed songs of heightened confusion, anxiety, paranoia, depression, and chronic battles with physical pain- a result of his unstable past and more recent illness. These themes, spoken in a lush angelic language are juxtaposed against the band’s now signature apocalyptic, reverberating wall of shimmering sound, all captured beautifully by Agnello and the open room.

Palermo on “Zero Day”: “The amount of difficulty a person faces when attempting to close the door on all sense, meaning, or value when thinking on our existence is hard to put in words, but to me it has always been the latter. I’ve laid awake countless nights contemplating human life, its hostile uselessness, and why I’m one of the few who choose to see it that way yet manage to move onward. So I suppose in that sense Zero Day is a song of paradoxical enlightenment”

Palermo first discovered Dance On The Blacktop’s title, taken from ancient prison slang meaning a fight or hit during outside recreation, in the works of urban fiction writers Donald Goines and Iceberg Slim. Known for their popularity throughout the prison system, Palermo became acquainted while he was incarcerated, later finding it to be a symbolic interpretation of the album’s philosophy. “I’ve learned to bask in the absurdity of it all- in the chaos,” preaches Palermo. “There’s beauty in the confusion if you can learn to hold its hand.”

There will be a limited run of a 2xLP, deluxe version. The core album will be on LP1, pressed on tri-coloured vinyl with an exclusive second 12″ picture disc featuring 4 bonus tracks. The album includes artwork directed by Mark Mccoy (Youth Attack Records, Charles Bronson), Domenic Palermo and shot by Ryan Lowry. For more info and to reserve a copy, visit here. For all digital retailers visit here.


VODUN return with SPIRITS PAST + new album ASCEND due Sep 7 via New Heavy Sounds

vodun 1

Watch the ‘SPIRITS PAST’ video here:

Take a look outside your window: shit’s getting serious. We’re living through a particularly bleak paradigm, with ominous political shifts occurring around the globe. It’s time for a rallying war-cry, to tap into the power of our ancestors, to learn the wisdoms taught by history and its recurring patterns. It’s time to acknowledge the power of women, to burn with the fire of a banshee wail, to taste the energy of revolution and feel the inspiration of generations of resistance.

And that’s where ASCEND, the second album by insurrectionary heavy rock trio Vodun, comes in.

Ten slabs of ground-flattening, groove-inflected rock power, driven by the afro-inspired dervish drums of Zel Kaute (interpreting the spirits of Ogoun), the roaring, fierce chromium guitars of Linz Hamilton (The Marassa), and fronted by the fire-breathing howl of frontwoman Chantal Brown (Oya), delivering you the truth of generations with a drive and focus that can’t be matched.

‘SPIRITS PAST’ is our first taste of ‘ASCEND’, due for release September 7th via New Heavy Sounds, the first new music from Vodun since the release of their critically-acclaimed debut album ‘Possession’ in 2016.

“SPIRITS PAST’ is a war cry,” explains frontwoman Chantal. “Recognising the similarities in previous global events within our own current state of affairs, allows us to gain an understanding of what our ancestors did to battle such prejudices. This feeling of deja vu pushes us to draw upon the strength and tenacity of all peoples, their lives and spirits, who have already laid the foundations for the advancement of equality within every civilisation.”

The video, directed by Noomi Spook, tells the story of a woman imprisoned inside a cryogenic chamber, sedated and forced to endure torturous experiments, as her captors attempt to discover the source of her powers. She awakes long enough to send an SOS message to the younger generation, but the rescue attempt fails. She then summons the mighty spirit of the past, symbolising her ancestry and lineage – unleashing her great power of wisdom and salvation upon her captors, which ultimately frees them from their prison of prejudice and ignorance.

It’s a story and a message that is matched perfectly with Chantal’s soaring, defiant vocals, Zel’s marching cowbell propelled drums and Linz’s grinding metallic guitar as the song meets it’s high-speed, thrashed-out dramatic conclusion.

“The first song we wrote for the album was ‘SPIRITS PAST’,” says Chantal, “and that’s tackling our current climate. You have to ask yourself: haven’t we been here before? Are we going backwards? It’s easy to slip into the abyss of negativity, destruction and despair. But look at history: we need to keep fighting, and listen to people who’ve already fought this fight, and realise the war isn’t over.”

The song was produced by BRIT Award winning Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood, Ghost, Turbowolf), who brought his unparalleled heavy & clean balance to the bands sound, and several interesting harmony ideas, which was very much welcomed by Chantal.

Vodun are very much back. Stay tuned for further war cries.

‘ASCEND’ pre-order link, which downloads the ‘SPIRITS PAST’ single immediately:

Find Vodun at:

Evil Blizzard return with The Worst Show On Earth

Blizzard Hulme promo 1


When Evil Blizzard emerged from the bowels of Lancashire with their debut album 5 years ago it is fair to say they caused a stir. Put on the front cover of The Guardian, championed by Mark E Smith (who gave the band the money to record their debut album out of his own pocket) their gruesome mix of four bass players blending Psyche, Krautrock, Post Punk and an unmistakable image saw them launched onto magazines and websites worldwide.

But it is only with the release of their new, third, album ‘THE WORST SHOW ON EARTH’ (on their own newly-founded Crackedankles Records, released 29/06/18) that the band have finally fulfilled their potential.

Heavy, grinding and yet commercially viable, this new album sees the band truly shake off the ‘gimmick’ tag of the past and stride forward into new musical dimensions. Yes; there’s still 4 basses. But also, piano, cello, samples and a general disregard for the basic concept of a ‘pop song’ with 2 tracks hitting the 10-minute mark.

The introduction of keyboards into their live onslaught (you have seen them live, right? Right?!?) has developed their sound to incorporate techno and industrial elements, with recent single ‘Fast Forward Rewind’ hitting the nation’s airwaves aided by its freak show video shot illegally in an abandoned Victorian Music Hall. Forthcoming single ‘Unleash The Misery’ (released September 18) sees the band channel their inner Glam Rock. The cataclysmic title track features the spoken word of German artist Arne Wald, with whom the band have collaborated in the past on visuals.

Be warned: it’s to be filed under ‘Uneasy Listening’.

Produced by Richard McNamara from Embrace, the new album ‘is more extreme’ says bassist Filthydirty. ‘The long songs are longer; the fast ones faster. We went in the studio without a clue what it would sound like and the songs, all pretty much recorded in one take, formed themselves as we were playing. We had 2 or 3 songs that we’ve been playing live but the others were completely flying by the seat of our pants and that energy and tension has recorded well.’

The album title came from a less than impressed reviewer. The band, ever self-deprecating, take great pleasure in antagonising their crowd to the point that their dedicated following greet live performances with booing rather than applause. One fan, who has the band logo tattooed on his arm, made his own ‘I Hate Evil Blizzard’ t shirts. ‘People pay money to hate us. Win/Win.’

The band are touring the UK for the remainder of 2018, together with headline slots at Beatherder, Sonic Rock Solstice and Jesstival amongst other festivals, with European and Japanese dates being arranged for the future.

The album is available through Cargo distribution worldwide and has a limited edition of 500 copies on premium weight blood splattered vinyl though it should be noted their last album sold out of its initial pressing in under 90 minutes.

The band have famously only ever rehearsed 5 times…

‘Evil Blizzard may be more eligible for the Turner Prize than the Mercury’ –

Pre-order ‘The Worst Show On Earth’ at:

Catch the band live at the following dates:
4/5/18 Liverpool Adelphi Hotel
5/5/18 Manchester Ritz
2/6/18 Long Division Festival, Wakefield
9/6/18 Preston Blitz
16/6/18 Sonic Rock Festival, Bromsgrove
7/7/18 Derby The Hairy Dog
15/7/18 Beatherder Festival, Clitheroe
3/8/18 Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
15/9/18 London 100 Club
29/9/18 Newcastle Think Tank
13/10/18 Glasgow Ivory Blacks
27/10/18 Leeds Brudenell
17/11/18 Birmingham Hare & Hounds
14/12/18 Manchester Academy

Evil Blizzard are:
Side – Drums, vocals and percussion
Filthydirty – bass, guitar, vocals, keyboards and sequencing
Prowler – bass
Kav – bass and guitar
Stomper – bass
Blizzpig – glamour and corruption

Find Evil Blizzard at:

The Interrupters announce album Fight the Good Fight on June 29th

Los Angeles ska-punk band The Interrupters will release their third studio album Fight the Good Fight on June 29th via Hellcat Records.

Fight the Good Fight was produced by longtime collaborator, Rancid frontman, and Grammy Award-winning producer Tim Armstrong with the band at Ship-Rec Recorders in Los Angeles. The album was mixed by Grammy-award winning mixer Tom Lord-Alge (Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Weezer). Pre-orders for Fight the Good Fight are available at

The first single shared is “She’s Kerosene” an intense but triumphant track featuring The Interrupters’ quintessential upbeat sound. In the track, frontwoman Aimee reflects on breaking free from narcissistic abuse (“I really hope when people listen to that song, it helps them feel empowered to leave a toxic relationship,” Aimee says).

The follow-up to 2015’s Say It Out Loud, Fight the Good Fight finds The Interrupters delivering their two-tone-inspired, powerfully melodic, punk-fueled sound with more vitality than ever before. With Armstrong and Alge at the helm, Aimee and the Bivona brothers channeled the raw energy of their lives shows by recording almost entirely to tape. “There’s a certain feeling you get from that process that you can’t really get digitally,” says guitarist Kevin. “There’s no overthinking anything—everyone’s got to be fully present and committed. It was definitely high-pressure, but also really fun.”

The Interrupters are performing at the Punk in Drublic festivals across the US. On July 14, the band will join the final run of the US Vans Warped Tour this summer in support of Fight the Good Fight.


1. Title Holder
2. So Wrong
3. She’s Kerosene
4. Leap Of Faith
5. Got Each Other (feat. Rancid)
6. Broken World
7. Gave You Everything
8. Not Personal
9. Outrage
10. Rumors And Gossip
11. Be Gone
12. Room With A View

Formed in 2011, The Interrupters came together when the Bivina brothers (guitarist Kevin Bivona, bassist Justin Bivona, drummer Jesse Bivona) found themselves on bills with Aimee during a 2009 tour. With their self-titled debut arriving in 2014, the band soon shared stages with bands like Rancid, Blink-182, and Bad Religion. The Interrupters embarked on a world tour in support of the release, headlining their own shows as well as supporting Green Day in Europe, Australia and South America, solidifying the band’s status as a dynamic force on the stage.

Interrupters album cover

Future War Bride announce debut album Majahua


The magical sounds of Danish psych pop quartet, Future War Bride are once again blessing the interweb. The band kicked off their album announcement today with a track premiere of new single Thin Air at Clash Magazine who says the tune is “a bewitching psychedelic statement, all swirling, liquid guitars and heavenly vocals.”

Thin Air then took Track of the Day at The 405 who say it’s “a kaleidoscopic joyride of a song.”

Debut album Majahua is a colourful, magical journey from start to finish inspired by a Pacific earthquake which resulted in memory loss. Out on Gloves Off Records on June 8th.

Pre-order it now on iTunes.


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