Placebo get K! cover

This week’s Kerrang! features Placebo on the front cover. We’re delighted to see this as the end to a brilliant year for the band and expect them to carry on their world domination in 2010!



Since Thursday burst on the scene in 1998 with the release of their debut album Waiting followed by their classic LP ‘Full Collapse’ in 2001, the media has often scrambled to type cast the band into a certain genre, unsure and unaware of where they exactly fit in.  With each album the band has continually expanded the breadth of their music by exploring vast musical soundscapes, transcending boundaries and experimenting with new techniques and styles, all while staying true to who they are, avoiding the passing trends and disproving naysayers.  Often accused of wearing their hearts on their sleeves by the media, not that they mind, it’s that passion that has led them to the creation of their fifth studio album, ‘Common Existence,’ a thought-provoking and socially conscious album that relies heavily on their roots yet isn’t afraid of venturing forward into stimulating new territories.

Dead Fed get guided

Dead Confederate kick off their UK tour in London tomorrow, as previewed in the latest Guardian Guide!


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