Les Savy Fav

The Klaxons love them. Bloc Party say they’re the only rock band worth listening to. Gallows adore them. They’re the greatest underground rock band that America has spewed up in the last ten years. Yes, we’re talking Les Savy Fav who delivered album ‘Let’s Stay Friends’ through Wichita Records in 2007.

The group’s original line-up, formed in 1995, all met while attending the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. The band is known especially for their live shows which are punctuated by the antics of frontman Harrington, and have been known to include the kissing of audience members. After a bit of a hiatus mid-career, the band got back together for All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in May 2007. They also booked studio time in November 2006 to record their fourth full length, ‘Let’s Stay Friends’.