Path Of No Return

The absolutely crushing force that is Sweden’s Path Of No Return’s debut album ‘The Absinthe Dreams’ on Burning Heart Records has already inspired gushing praise from the more extreme end of the UK press.

And it’s hardly surprising they fell in love so quickly as Path Of No Return’s jagged metal baptized in hardcore is hard to ignore. They play with baffling tightness and insane technical proficiency complete with hook lines that will reel you in like shoals of wet flappy fish. Here’s what others had to say!

‘A brooding maelstrom of intensity” – Big Cheese

‘They kick up a scorched, apocalyptic racket that could leave your ear cannels scarred.’ – Kerrang!

‘Epic noise’ – Tuned

‘They will tear into your room, grab you with 8 fists and scream at you at point-blank range!’ – Alternative Ulster

‘An album worthy of tinnitus’ – Rock Sound