Witch are: J Mascis, Kyle Thomas & Dave Sweetapple

Witch is no “indie metal super-group” or side project. To prescribe such journalistic stigmas would be to underestimate the commitment of Witch’s members. After their self-titled debut in 2006, Witch returned to the studio to work on their sophomore album, “Paralyzed”.

The new album, to be released this spring on Tee Pee Records, remains true to the classic heavy rock sound of the first, but has evolved as the band has learned to play to each other’s strengths.

The Vermont based band’s new songs highlight the rhythm section of Dave Sweetapple (bass) and J Mascis (drums) who return to their punk roots and attack with a more aggressive tempo. This foundation allows Kyle Thomas (guitar/vocals) to construct wailing vertical melodies of guitar and sinister vocals. Witch has turned out a record that burns with hostility, like the track, Mutated, but also smolders with intensity, like the track ‘Sweet Sue‘.

Kyle points out that the band “does not practice and barely ever play shows”. This has allowed the chemistry and music to grow organically and a bit more spontaneously. Live, the music morphs into a beast of its own instead of sounding like a CD on playback.

At the heart of the album is still the heaviness that dominated the last record, this time though Witch is creating a style more their own.