Sennen return with epic post-rock opus, Autopilot


It’s been four years since Norwich indie quartet, Sennen released their last album Lost Harmony and exactly ten years this month since their debut album Widows broke through into the scene. Buried in deep thought within their practice room, the band have been working on their fifth long player, First Light, their most extraordinary and poignant album to date, scheduled for release via Indelabel in 2016.

Today you can get a taste of their new single, AUTOPILOT, mastered by Sonic Boom. At just over seven minutes long, this opus is a hypnotic, haunting and ultimately violent sprawl across abandonment and rediscovery. “Are you still there? Can I still hear?” asks singer Laurence Holmes. The song’s brutal climax is an emphatic response.

Inspired by Douglas Coupland’s novel ‘Girlfriend in a Coma,’ where the world has quite literally numbed itself to sleep, Sennen’s search for a way to break free from this slumber is a theme you will find scattered across First Light. It is a notion reflected in the band’s return to Owen Turner’s Sickroom Studios in Norfolk, where they recorded their first demo 11 years ago. Their enthusiasm and fervour in creating beautiful, visceral noise – just because – renewed and recharged to devastating effect.

Pick up Sennen’s new single released via Indelabel / Republic of Music on December 11th at iTunes